What is student circus?

Student circus is a niche job search platform that enables International Students
secure deserving jobs in the UK. Having graduated from the UK as International Students,
we truly understand the time and visa constraints associated with finding a job.

World class UK universities nurture and produce the very best of international talent.
At Student Circus, we believe that this skilled talent can greatly benefit
the UK economy and its employers with its global outlook.

The Team

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    Dhruv Krishnaraj

    Co- founder

    Dhruv's entrepreneurial instinct is visible in every thought he
    presents. He is never off duty for work, a very hard working Ring Master
    at Student Circus indeed. Always up for adventure and total news
    buff. Don't mess with him until you got
    your fact's right!

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    Tripti Maheshwari

    Co- founder

    Live wire of the team. Either working or shopping, but never
    disturb her when she's concentrating cause you never know you may miss
    out on an amazing idea. Being a hard worker, Tripti is constantly
    thinking and working and never manages to take a break, especially when she's wearing her Fitbit :)

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    Dusty Amroliwala

    Chair & Advisor

    Leader, Mentor, Industry Veteran, Passionate, these are a few ways in which one can describe Dusty. An awe-inspiring and eminent personality from the public, private and educational sectors in the UK who not only supports the Student Circus vision, but also ensures that we do the RIGHT THING..!

We started Student Circus because we experienced the
challenges first hand and believe that we can make it easier for all
stakeholders going forward.

What are we setting out to achieve?

  • Fair chance

    Creating an ecosystem & a culture of fair chance to compete on basis of skills and not  colour of passports.

  • Balanced decisions

    Helping students make informed decisions regarding their immigration rights, guide/help students

  • Save time

    Make international students a compelling force in the recruitment space

  • Dedicated Services

    Be the one stop provider for all international student services in the UK

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