5 Interview Tips and Tricks

Graduate jobs

September 26, 2017

Worried about your interview being stressful? Here are our top 5 hacks to stand out of the crowd and ace that interview!

1. Practice makes perfect.
Although it might seem obvious, your interview is like a performance. This doesn’t mean you learn your answers like an actor would but you should have rough outlines of what you would like to say. Practice how you’ll sound on the day of the interview.
TIP: As an international student try and include unique experiences you’ve had studying in countries with different education systems and cultures.
TRICK: As silly as it may feel do it in front of a mirror, or better yet pretend to be interviewed by a friend!


2. A little extra goes a long way.
Researching about the companies latest news, their values, and so on are things that show made an effort to understand them and that you are passionate about the company you are applying to. This lets employers know that they aren’t just one many applications but you are truly interested in them.
TIP: Try and find if the company is in your home country. Compare and contrast it with the U.K. in terms of what the organisation is doing in both countries and why you would love to work in the U.K.
TRICK: Research global news about the organisation. Find its blog and read about the latest news there!

3. Be prepared for both personality and competency questions.
Interviewers may test your capabilities on technical topics. It is important not to be disheartened if you cannot answer something, this does not mean you’ve failed. Answer to the best of your abilities. Be honest and confident. They understand you are a graduate and don’t expect you to know everything.
TIP: Ask questions too! It shows enthusiasm and an eagerness to learn more.
TRICK: Reach out to alumni or current employees working in the organisation for any advice they may have to offer. To your surprise, they will be able to give you relatable experiences to help you get through your interview.

4. Be enthusiastic and energetic.
Highlight your strengths and ensure you know how to strengthen your weaknesses. Be passionate. Remember even when you are waiting to be interviewed you are still making an impression while interacting with other people.
TIP: Try not to be over confident. If you are not aware of something accept it and learn from others or ask and clarify. Working in an organisation involves a lot of growth and learning alongside team members.

5. Dress to impress.
Arrive early. Ensure you know what the dress code is beforehand or dress in smart business attire if you are not aware. Smile and interact with other interviewees, try to be friendly with everyone you interact with. Maintain a professional attitude throughout the day until you leave.
TRICK: Ensure you send an e-mail to say 'Thank you' to the recruitment team or person in charge of arranging the meeting with you. This goes a long way!

Do you not feel as confident as this guy now?

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