5 Common Myths Decoded: Jobs for International Students In The U.K.

Graduate jobs

September 21, 2017

Some ‘obvious’ questions every international student in the UK must know the answer to before searching for jobs:

1. MYTH: I can’t apply for jobs in the UK without experience.

TRUTH:  Entry Level jobs and graduate schemes do not require experience.  
Internships are available for students in going into their final year of study and these don’t require companies to sponsor you. Tier 4 student visa holders can work full-time during holidays! These also can lead to full time opportunities after graduation! Read why internships are great here!

2. MYTH: I can only apply for jobs after I graduate.

TRUTH: You can start applying at the start of your final year! Remember, the sooner the better! Start Applications Now!
The peak times for recruitment are:
September Start: April 30th Deadline
April Start: December 30th Deadline

However, rolling positions are available throughout the year and applying for these only maximise your chance to secure a job.
The key is to be informed and stay ahead of the game to avoid being overwhelmed! Stay informed about your visa status and routes to staying in the U.K. after university here.

3. MYTH: I can only work in the field I studied in.

TRUTH: Most graduate schemes accept any discipline so whether you studied Business Management, English, History or Psychology you will be able to apply for most roles! You are not limited by your degree.
You can join from ANY academic background if you have a degree and the will to learn.

4. MYTH: I don’t think I am qualified enough to work in the Financial services and professional industry.

TRUTH: Unlike the Investment Banking industry where experience is advantageous. Financial Services Companies will train you on-the-job and support your study for qualifications like ACA (Association of Chartered Accountants) or CTA (Chartered Tax Accountants). The key to make it is by showing leadership and love for all things numerical!

5. MYTH: Just like the USA, every company in the UK can sponsor my visa.

TRUTH: No, only 30,000 companies in the UK have a sponsorship license or the right to grant work visa permits. To make it easier for you we filter the ones that sponsor graduates! To browse jobs from these companies, Click Here.

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