6 reasons why every graduate should intern


December 12, 2016

University life is busy and we are often the pressure of ‘practical experience’. It is easy to neglect the importance of internships and if they are really worth it? Let us help you out (like always!).

An internship is ‘the’ chance for you in this competitive era! Let’s define it before we get down to why it is critical. So, it is an opportunity provided by an employer to potential employees called interns for a specified term or limited period. Interns are usually undergraduates or students, and most internships last anything between one week to 12 months. 

Internships can contrast greatly and that’s why not every internship counts to a potential job. There have been instances where interns have made significant contributions to the organization, whereas others are given administrative tasks. Depending on the industry and company, internships can be unpaid or paid.

So, why are internships really that important? We have the top 8 reason you should consider!

1. Experience – Internships provide an insight to the employee as well as the employer. The employee can understand what kind of work is expected from him and at what level of intensity, whereas a company can evaluate the credentials and acumen of the employee.

2. Gain Confidence – Most internships provide on-the-job training and provide an enriching learning experience for them to build confidence. This confidence is further translated into interviews and subsequently, job offers.

3. Networking – Building strong business relationships is as important as work experience. Internships provide interns with an opportunity to interact and connect with professionals in their realm.

4. Job Offer – Since, internships are two-way processes for evaluation between employee and employer, on successful completion of internships, this can be converted into a full-time job offer.

5. Expectations of the Employer - With every internship, you add credibility to your cart. With more credibility of your background, you have higher chances of being hired.

6. CV and References - Put down all the relevant internships to your degree or career goal into your CV and you are a step ahead of everyone. Also, these internships have a good chance of getting that jaw-dropping reference letter from a professional in the industry (No, dad and uncles do not make good references guys!)

Now you have all the reasons to start looking for an internship! Go cracking on www.studentcircus.com as we bring you internships from both employers with and without a sponsorship license! 

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