9 Useful Tips to Stay Motivated during Online Classes


April 14, 2021

Students have been studying online for over a year now. While Zoom fatigue is a very real thing, the added stressors of lack of social time, the pandemic still looming large, and the uncertainty can make it all very overwhelming. Though zero commutes and recorded sessions favour us, it is really enticing to slog through the day in your comfy student housing.

It’s more important than ever to find ways and measures to stay motivated during online classes, in the midst of all other distractions. Take a look at some hacks to stay motivated while studying online.

Have a routine and stick to it

It’s tempting to sleep till the last minute and attend classes on the bed in your PJs when you are in the comfort of your home. But your approach to the day can change the entire tone of the day! Start the day on your terms by having a consistent morning routine. Take a shower and get dressed before the day begins. Bringing some structure into the day can turn a lazy day around. Make a list of tasks in order of priority and stick to them. Have a solid plan but be flexible if something comes up.


Create a space to study

Though the bed is the most comfortable place in your home, it isn’t the most productive. Have a designated place to study where you do not bring food or nap. Make sure your study station is clean and comfortable with the right amount of light and fresh air. With 90% of our lives taken to our living spaces, it is more important than ever to feel at home. So choose your student accommodation wisely; there are often various student housing near the University with study rooms following the COVID-19 guidelines.


Keep your phone away

Most of the time-management and productivity hacks require your phone out of the way. Disable all notifications on your phone and be very hard to reach on your deep focus hours. Be conscious of your phone usage and restrict the number of hours spent on social media. It is proven that mindless scrolling causes screen fatigue that leaves you unmotivated and exhausted. Our little recommendation is to understand what “deep work” is; read the eponymous book by Cal Newport.


Use strategies to stay productive

There will be days you do not want to study, irrespective of what’s on your calendar. On such days, any minor distraction can get you into a rut or binge-watching on your bed. The key is to spot your triggers and fight them deliberately. Set yourself a timer for 10 minutes and focus on a single task. Setting the bar low will motivate you to study, and quite often, you will find yourself working through long periods. Another way to maintain momentum is to batch similar tasks together; jumping from a peer discussion to writing an assignment will disrupt the flow. Read more productivity hacks here.

Take regular breaks

The boundaries between work and play are blurred in this arrangement of studying from home. It is important that you schedule regular breaks in between tasks. Pomodoro technique is perfect for keeping the balance, where you get a 5-minute break after every 25 minutes of focused learning. Get up from your study space and indulge in some physical activities. Go out for a walk, get some coffee, water your plants, call a friend, stretch for a bit, or just relax and breathe.


Have an accountability partner

Here’s the thing: once we announce something in public, it is harder to go back on the promise. When someone holds you accountable, you act with more discipline and responsibility. Have an accountability partner to whom you report at the start and end of the day with the status of tasks at hand. This can be your parent, a friend or a roommate. Go one step further and have a study buddy with whom you share and discuss the lessons, clearing any doubts on the way.


Stay connected

Conversations behind the screens can get very blurry and superficial after some time.  Have regular calls with your family and friends, and speak about things outside of your studies. Watch movies or play games together. In unprecedented times, it is our loved ones who help us keep our sanity and peace. Student accommodation in Universities like University of Kent and University of Leeds have communal areas where students can meet up.


Rely on habits to keep you going

Include recreational activities in your schedule. After you log off from the classes, have a set of things to do that you enjoy. These should be the things you look forward to, like painting, listening to music, reading a book, learning a new skill, cooking, or game nights with a friend. At times, they serve as driving factors to finish your lessons on time. Find a balance between studies and leisure activities. The motivation boost from a leisure activity can keep you motivated to study.


Be kind to yourself

The pandemic has the world at a standstill, and your mental and physical health is of utmost importance. It’s scary times, and it’s okay to feel lazy or unmotivated. Beating yourself up will only burn you out. When things get too uncertain, talk to someone or simply sit back and relax. You do not have to hustle all day, every day. Take a break and pamper yourself with some self-care routines. Reward yourself with an episode of Netflix for learning something new. Know what is best for you and do that.


Written by AmberStudent

AmberStudent are devoted to giving you the best experience and option for student accommodation. They have upgraded continuously with the COVID policies and would be more than eager to assist you in finding the best home away from home.

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