How To Ace That Assessment Centre

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December 07, 2017

Assessment centres generally vary from company to company. However, most assessment centres consist of the following elements - a group exercise, a case study, a presentation, a personal interview and possibly a psychometric test.

Assessment days are usually conducted for half a day or a full day at the company’s office with a group of 10-15 other candidates.

1. Group Exercise
These group exercises are commonly for a given period of time wherein you will be assigned a team and asked to complete a task.

Skills tested:  
Analytical thinking
Interpersonal effectiveness
Oral communication
Key things to focus on: 

The best way to tackle them is to be yourself but at the same time demonstrate how you fit in with the company’s core values.
Demonstrating your knowledge of current events and goings on of the company is also a huge plus.
Contribute to the discussion while listening and encouraging team members’ ideas. This is a key sign of good leadership.

2. Case Study
A case study activity could be individual or team based and can vary in duration, level of detail, and objectives you are supposed to achieve.
Skills tested: 
Attention to detail
Approach to challenging tasks
Fresh perspective
Key things to focus on: 
To ensure you are successful it is important you are methodical and structurally clear.
It is important that you are convinced and confident in the solutions you propose.
Ensure you demonstrate your creativity, knowledge of the industry and company.

3. Presentation 
This will most likely be based on the findings of your case study or group exercise. Again, could be a team or individual exercise.
They could also be something you prepare for prior to the assessment centre or an on the spot five-minute presentation based on a more personal question.
Skills tested: 
Public speaking
Ability to remain calm under pressure
How you interpret and deliver information effectively
Ability to pace yourself
Ability to engage people
Key things to focus on: 
To ensure you stand out make sure your presentation is clear, concise and meets the required objectives.  
Know your topic well, this will help you engage the audience better.
Maintain a professional ethics while presenting
Ensure you are prepared to answer questions.

4. Psychometric Test 
These tests can be numerical, verbal, inductive reasoning or even situational. They will most likely be similar to the ones completed in the first stages of the application process to ensure you completed them honestly and with integrity.
Ensure you revise well for these using online practice tests or practice books.

5. Personal Interview
Generally, personal interviews at assessment days are behavioural or motivational interviews. They consist of questions such as –
Why do you want to work with the company?
What skills can you bring to the role?
What do you know about the role?
When was a time you worked in a team/were a leader of a team?

And others. To read more about how best to tackle interviews read our blog on interview tips and tricks

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