How To Tackle Application Questions

Graduate jobs

October 11, 2017

Always keep in mind:

1. Be honest and be yourself
2. Be to the point
3. Use simple but formal language - avoid any slang.
4. Use grammar tools to cross check your answers, e.g. Grammarly

Question 1: Why do you want to work here?

1. Company values that appeal to you (read the ‘about us’ section of the company and see what values you relate to the most and how they can help you succeed in the future). 
2. Think about the work ethic of the company and their support and training for graduates. 3. Think about why this company is a better option for you over its competitors.
4. Optional: Benefits additional to the role that appealed to you.
Question 2: Why are you suitable for this role?

1. Talk about your personality and what makes you unique.
2. Mention your skills and back it up with relevant academic or professional experiences.
3. Remember to always make it relevant to the role. Read the ‘person attributes’ the role asks for carefully before answering this question.
Question 3: Give an example of a time when you were in a position of leadership/team.

1. Briefly explain the situation and task that was completed
2. Talk about the steps you took as a team member/leader
3. Don’t only talk about the positive aspects. It is important to include the challenges and how they were overcome too.
4. Clearly explain the outcome of the situation and if possible mention your main learning from it.
5. If you failed, say why and what did you learn from it
Question 4: What is your greatest achievement/biggest challenge?

1. Refer to the question above.
2. Mention how this experience helped you grow as an individual.

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