Looking back at the year gone by: Student Circus’ 2020 in review

Official Updates

January 12, 2021

What a year! So many changes in both the world and our organisation. We’ve added a whole new product offering to our roster, had some awesome new team members join us, changed the way we structure our work and have ambitious plans for 2021. 


Read on to learn about what the 12 months of 2020 looked like here at Student Circus, everything we’ve done and learned.


Channelling business resilience: Award of Grant


2020 was a tumultuous year for the world at large, and certainly a watershed moment for the higher education sector. With campuses closing and university events cancelled to prevent further spread of the coronavirus, we had to find innovative ways to reach out to students — now more than ever. 


Student Circus was awarded the Business Resilience Fund by City University. The grant helped us strengthen our digital properties to connect with our users in a timely & robust manner. 




In keeping with our promise of making life easier for international students, the team at Student Circus conducted more than 128 webinars across around 40 partner Universities, spanning 15000 minutes of knowledge exchange, reaching out to around 5000-6000 students who attended these webinars. The webinars ranged from thematic presentations on internships, country-specific information masterclass, to a general guide on how to make the best of the Student Circus platform.


It’s not just the numbers alone: with the webinars, our goal was to stay hands-on for our users, aiming at their “job readiness” and employability. Since the lockdowns meant the cancellation of in-person interactions, we had to find alternative ways to continue information delivery. We’re happy to say we were able to explore such engagement options through social media, newsletters, among others. 


One such example was the Instagram Live we conducted in partnership with Hult International Business School and followed that up with a series of Q&A for the students.


Launch of the Jobs in Home Country Feature


Our most massive milestone this year was launching our new product to the world — Jobs in Home Country. With Jobs in Home Country, international students get the opportunity to explore options back home, when & if they intend to return. 


We offer exclusive Jobs and Professional Opportunities for International Students from handpicked companies across the globe. These organizations range from new-age companies and rainbow start-ups, to creative agencies and boutique firms, that offer an enriching and sound professional experience. 


International students are driven to impactful careers, and we’re making it easier for them to find their path, even back home. 


Transcending borders: Student Circus in Austria

Closer to the end of the year, we officially started our global operations. With our partnership with Modul University Vienna, our global footprints have been set to serve international students across the world. In line with our core ethos, we’re now striving to boost employability outcomes for all international students, irrespective of the colour of their passports.


In the news: Featured in The Local

Student Circus was featured in The Local, a digital publication founded in 2004 as a part of their Changing the Narrative series that focuses on solutions-focused reporting. An excerpt from the feature, "Thousands of international students join the UK job hunt every year after graduation, but finding an employer willing to sponsor your visa is often a hit-or-miss battle. Two Indian entrepreneurs aim to bridge that gap with an online career platform."

Christmas Campaign

To end the year on a hopeful note, we launched a Christmas Giveaway #12DaysToChristmas on our Instagram to spread some cheer: our way of saying there’s always hope at the end of the tunnel. We gave away £250 among 5 of our followers, who consistently answered our Question of the Day, with some of the most hilarious and amusing responses! Over a span of 12 days, we received an engagement of 853 comments, 520 entries and finally, 5 winners.


Team Growth

This year, we also saw our fledgeling team grow into a distributed, global team. We brought on 4 full-time employees, worked with enthusiastic interns, and are now headed into the new year with a strong-as-ever team. We welcome Kirti Shukla, Abhishek Kumawat, Prassenjeet Moitra, and Kritika Narula as full-time employees, and Nainika Mehta as our intern.


Plans ahead

We are starting the new year on a strong note with the launch of our Austria presence. Hereon, we are steadfastly working on expanding our global footprints. We are also bringing our offerings a notch up: we are enriching our resource library with country guides, adding hands-on features like CV Builder, and this is just the beginning. 


If you know Student Circus, thank you for being with us through these years. If you’re ready to secure a job with minimal efforts, we’re here at your service. We’re always keen to hear your thoughts so don’t hesitate to reach out at any time at hello@studentcircus.com

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