Student Circus is a niche job search portal for international students in the UK who are currently on a Tier-4 visa. Student Circus as a service ensures that it only posts full-time jobs from companies that have a Tier 2 sponsorship license. Student Circus helps in saving an insane amount of time that International Students end up wasting by applying for irrelevant jobs. 

No. Student Circus posts internships from all employers irrespective of the fact whether they have a Tier 2 sponsorship license or not.

Student Circus is created by keeping in mind the needs of the international student community in the UK and empower them in their quest to find relevant jobs. However, all students studying in UK universities can use this service to find suitable jobs.

Yes, you can sign up using your UK university email id through the "Individual Account Setup".

Students can sign up using the email id that their university has provided them.

Map My Journey helps students keep a track of all their job applications. It will automatically pick up jobs that you have applied for on Student Circus, you can also manually add other jobs applied outside of Student Circus. The main purpose of this tool is to clearly arrange what jobs a student has applied for and when in a visually appealing timeline format. Additionally, a student can also add reminders and alerts for each of the jobs and receive timely email reminders for the same.

Immigration Assistant is a tool specifically developed for all the international students studying the UK. Here, students can find answers to common yet tricky immigration queries which can help them make informed legal decisions before they seek professional help from an Authorized Immigration Consultant

The  Community is an initiative created for students to interact with one another on a variety of topics from all the members of the community which includes International Students from almost all universities across the UK.

When a student completes his/her profile, a formatted CV is automatically generated based on that information.This CV is then visible to employers that search for suitable candidates on Student Circus.

Yes, it is compulsory to tag your CV. To "Tag" simply means, to name your CV

No, Student Circus does not guarantee this. Student Circus publishes only those jobs, where applications from international students would be considered. The decision to sponsor visas lies with the employer and the UKBA. Student Circus only helps international students save time by pre-filtering jobs for which they might be eligible for.

Only an employer who holds the sponsorship license from the Home Office may sponsor the visa for the job listed.

An individual can use Student Circus till their university email id is valid. But, due to the expiry of their Tier 4 visa and other issues, they would not be benefitting from using this service.

If you haven’t received the verification email in your inbox, please check your spam. Otherwise, you can contact us at 

No, Student Circus does not provide any sort of one-on-one job search or training service, nor does it help in visa assistance.

Please write to us at Always happy to help!

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